Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose a Canadian water source?

Canada has 20% of the world's total freshwater resources. Home to thousands of protected lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, glaciers and underground aquifers.


CANADAwater designation of origin sets us apart.

Bottled at the source deep below the forest in Quebec, Canada, featuring 100% pure natural spring water, for a smooth refreshing taste.


How is the water filtered?

CANADAwater is naturally filtered.

Ancient glacial deposits have created a series of aquifers, which form an enormous natural filtration system deep below the Canadian forest. As water passes through the aquifers, impurities are removed, while minerals are absorbed by nature. 

Close to the surface a clean spring occurs. With each Canadian snowmelt and rainfall, these ancient water aquifers are "recharged" with natural electrolytes and sodium free.


What are Electrolytes?

CANADAwater is enhanced with naturally occurring electrolytes.

It’s important to our health to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphate, bicarbonate, chloride and bicarbonate.


Why is Sodium Intake Important?

CANADAwater is naturally low in sodium. 

Too much sodium in our system causes our body to retain water. Having less sodium in our diet may help lower or avoid high blood pressure.


What is Perfect pH Balance?

A pH of 7.96 means that CANADAwater is as pure and well balanced as it gets.  

Acidic water hurts our health. A pH of 7 is neutral (0 – 14) and is the perfect pH balance for water in our bodies.

Proper pH balance increases energy, nourishes your hair and improves skin complexion.



What is the shelf life of this natural spring water?

CANADAwater should be enjoyed within 2 years of delivery for optimum taste.


Why are Calories Important?

CANADAwater has Zero calories by nature.

Eating or drinking too many calories and not burning enough of them off, through physical activity, can lead to weight gain.


What is Ozonated?

CANADAwater is ozonated.

Ozonation is a technique based on the infusion of ozone (energy) into water. Ozone transforms to oxygen. This is efficient for disinfection, as well as the degradation of inorganic pollutants.


What is BPA Free?   

CANADAwater bottles do not contain BPA. 

We offer a choice of 500 mL PET bottles to enjoy natural spring water while on the go. PET is a food grade certified material. From an environmental perspective, PET bottles are 100% recyclable and a store house of energy that can be reused time after time, simply by recycling to make other bottles, carpets, clothing etc.


Is it environmentally friendly?

CANADAwater sustainability profile includes use of recyclable and eco-friendly materials, a local supply base, energy efficient practices, aware manufacturing and distribution processes.

Our glass collection showcases 750 mL and 500 mL glass water bottles which are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable where applicable.