A simple skin test you can do to tell if you're drinking enough water

CANADAwater model with premium natural spring water from Canada. Bottled Water of CANADA water
  • You're supposed to drink six to eight glasses of water every day.
  • If you've lost count, there is an easy skin test you can do to determine if you're hydrated.
  • Pinch the skin on the back of your hand for a few seconds.
  • If the skin immediately returns to normal, you're fine. If it doesn't, you need to drink some water.

It's easy to forget to drink enough water, but now that summer is approaching, it's especially important that we...

CANADA water Brand Launching in U.S.

TORONTO, Ontario — Salacious Drinks will soon launch CANADA water in the U.S. The company says its signature glass edition of the brand will be available immediately to order online and be refreshed at home.

The perfect beverage for a non-alcoholic gift, a picnic, fine dining, or paired with alcohol. The water features natural electrolytes, perfect pH balance and is sodium free.

“We have long wanted to increase our premium water presence in the United States, a frequently requested destination for our fine water from our fans stateside, who are a growing segment of our online visitors,” said...

Visit the L.A. art scene – in Toronto

Image courtesy of Art Toronto.

This week the art world will be flocking to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for Canada’s leading international contemporary and modern art fair. Art Toronto takes place October 27–30 (with a special preview in benefit of the AGO on October 26) and is a unique opportunity to meet and mingle with artists, curators as well as fellow art lovers as you discover amazing new works.

This year, you can...

Minerals and Electrolytes

What Are They and How to Get Enough

Most of us are somewhat familiar with electrolytes and know about things like Gatorade to replenish but what I’m going to talk about goes way beyond drinking a sports drink after heavy exercise. While I hold strong that water is the most essential nutrient for the body, I know that water is not the only supplement our bodies crave. Our bodies are basically made up of the same things that make up the earth, so beyond water we need to think about the soil and thus what’s in (or...


Sweat is one of the obvious things that happens during a workout; it’s the way our bodies cool down when they start to heat up.  It follows that the more a person sweats, the more water they should drink to replenish. Sweat rates vary by individual and are further influenced by factors including exercise intensity, exercise duration, the climate (including temperature and...