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Drinking the right water for optimal pH levels

So what the heck is pH?

Remember high school science class? Well, if you don’t, here’s a little refresher course: The body maintains a delicate acid-alkaline balance. Everything from healthy cells to cancer cells to soil quality and ocean life is affected by pH. The term pH stands for “potential hydrogen” which is the measure of hydrogen ions in a particular solution (don’t worry if you’re not science-savvy, I’ll make this easy to understand!). In our case, that “solution” refers to our body’s fluids and tissues.

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is and ranges...

pH balance for the body.

What is pH balance in the body and why is it important? You may vaguely remember pH from biology class, but not realize how much the right pH balance in your body reduces health risks, including bone loss, heart attacks and Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you know your pH? Unfortunately, our modern diets and lifestyles often tip our pH balance into the warning zone, so it’s time to find out! Here’s how you can and also what you can do to protect yourself against the damage that can be done by low body pH balance.

What is body pH balance?